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Get Access to the HR Library Every Business Needs to Stay Compliant

Did you know that employees win lawsuits two-thirds of the time with the average employment practices verdict exceeding $250,000 and the cost of defense exceeding $100,000?


Did you know that in a recent survey of companies, 57% said they had dealt with an employee-related lawsuit in the past five years?


How do you protect your company from the time, expense and distress associated with employee-related lawsuits?

The answer is easy... Employer Compliance Resource Center's HR360 HR Library! The one online HR resource every business needs. Our site features thousands of pages of content, forms and posters—it’s like having a mini-HR department at your fingertips. See for yourself:

All this content is provided in an easy-to-navigate, timesaving format that helps you stay compliant and ahead of the curve.